Essential Oils & Diffusers CY

We take care of your well-being,

in 100% natural way.

Our goal is your well-being

In Essential Oils & Diffusers CY we care about our spiritual health and well-being. Our aim is to enhance wellbeing with natural methods such as aromatherapy and general use of essential oils, as they act as medicinal natural products, featuring antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Although the daily rhythm of life leaves us little time for ourselves, we believe in small everyday moments and good mental- spiritual health. That is why we offer you natural ways of relaxation which improves sleeping, rejuvenation or stimulate your inner well-being.

Our mission is to innovate in the health sector

Η Essential Oils & Diffusers CY has got something new to propose in health and wellbeing and more specifically, the diffusion of indoor essential oils that are easily vaporized while dispersing the aromatic molecules providing all the beneficial properties of each oil.

Our main (key) products are: Singularly essential oils, diffusers, and scented car. We offer convenient solutions that best suits in your needs. A tour of the site will help you choose on what best fits on your needs and if you feel you need more suggestions feel free to send us your message.


Natural Products


Passion for well-being





The founder of Essential Oils & Diffusers CY

"After working in various nurseries of aromatic plants and florists, Georgia decided to create her own business. As a graduate of the Department Technologists Agronomy, she decides to choose the way of herbs and oils as this was her passion. She attended many seminars and workshops in addition to her studies upon the field, in order to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills so as to be able to establish herself a heritage of essential oils products ensuring their quality and the properties on relaxation they have. So the last two years she has been dedicated to the wellness area with the vision to bring a new era on wellbeing products in Cyprus and Greece."